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jQuery Tools — The Missing UI library for the Web

jQuery Tools is a collection of the most important user-interface components for modern websites. Used by large sites all over the world.

Please issue pull requests to the dev branch.

This is where active development takes place, we then merge changes into master for releases. That will become v1.2.6. Most of the development goes to 2.0 which is currently a private repository.

I need to get the source code for this, but unfortunately, I can’t find links to it on jquerytools.org. The forum on that site is also down. Does anyone know where I can get this source or unminify it?

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Have you tried going on http://jquerytools.org/download/? (I mean appending ‘/download/’ to the url you posted)

EDIT: However you can download the source from Git, got to the link and click "clone" or "zip".

EDIT: No, it’s the 1.2.7 version, as you can see in the "tag" link they tagged the 1.2.7 version about 7 months ago, this is the version you need as far as I can read in your question, if you are not convinced than I suggest you this link (that is the link near "Tagging version 1.2.7" in the github project’s tag page):

clicking on the link above you will start to download jquerytools v1.2.7 in a .zip file

It has become very difficult to find the source code for jQueryTools, and since the original CDN provided by the author has now disappeared a lot of sites that were calling the toolset from the CDN in question have stopped working.

Quick start

Insert the following line on your HTML page and you are done!

This is the official jQuery Tools UI library and after the inclusion you will have the following tools available:

The tools will be loaded with maximum performance no matter where your user is located on the globe. Without the jQuery library, the file size is only 4.45 Kb when gzipping is enabled on the server-side. If you already have jQuery included on your page, you can simply remove it and use only the above script src statement.

Please note that this global content delivery network is completely free. You can use it freely in any website including production environments. This network has been kindly offered for all jQuery Tools users by Max CDN. Respect to them!

Build a custom set of Tools.

Or download the source code

Here you can download individual tools or create a custom combination of tools by selecting only those you want. Both the source code and the minified versions are available.


1.2.6 stable

Include jQuery


jQuery 1.6.4

All tools depend on this library (except flashembed). Can alternatively be included from googleapis (see below)

UI Tools

Tabs 6761.0

The most important UI tool

Slideshow plugin 3678.0

Slideshow plugin

Transforms tabs into a working slideshow

Tooltip 7832.0


The basics of UI design

Slide effect 1687.0

Slide effect

A sliding tooltip effect with customized sliding directions, dimensions and speeds

Dynamic plugin 3914.0

Dynamic plugin

Dynamic positioning of the tooltip so that it always stays in the viewport

Scrollable 8400.0


A generic HTML scrolling widget

Autoscroll plugin 1921.0

Autoscroll plugin

Makes the scrolling behavior automatic. highly configurable

Navigator plugin 2799.0

Navigator plugin

Provides navigation buttons for switching between pages in scrollable

Overlay 6455.0


A generic HTML overlaying widget

Apple effect 3281.0

Apple effect

An overlay effect that you might have seen on apple.com

Form Tools

Dateinput 17850.0


HTML5 date input for humans

Rangeinput 10653.0


HTML5 range input for humans

Validator 14803.0


HTML5 input validation for humans


Flashembed 6773.0


The future of Flash embedding. Works as a standalone tool and jQuery is not required.

History 2193.0


Back button for AJAX apps

Expose 4497.0


Makes your HTML stand out from its surroundings

Mousewheel 1601.0


A generic mousewheel support for jQuery

jQuery Tools from CDN

Here is a list of all available jQuery Tools combinations from a free Content Delivery Network.

If you prefer to load the jQuery library separately the recommended practice is to load jQuery from Google’s CDN service. Make sure the jQuery library is always loaded before the jQuery Tools library.

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