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flat out

Дословный перевод


1. четко и ясно, ничего не скрывая, не утаивая; прямо, в открытую
2. на полной скорости, с предельной скоростью

flat out like a lizard drinking — делать все возможное; лезть из кожи вон; лежать ничком
flat out — лететь на полной скорости; на максимальной скорости; постепенно утончаться
be flat out for — лезть из кожи вон; стремиться


I told my friend flat out that I would not go to the party with her.
Я прямо сказала своей подруге, что не пойду с ней на вечеринку.

Scott was driving flat out most of the way – over 180 km per hour.
Скотт всю дорогу ехал на полной скорости – свыше 180 км в час.

flat-out — adj. downright; plain; unqualified; as, a flat out lie. Syn: out and out, outright. [PJC] … The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

flat-out — /flat owt /, adj. Informal. 1. moving or working at top speed or with maximum effort; all out: a flat out effort by all contestants. 2. downright; thoroughgoing: Many of the paintings were flat out forgeries. [1925 30] * * * … Universalium

flat-out — flat′ out′ adj. Informal. 1) cvb inf using full speed or all of one s resources: a flat out effort[/ex] 2) cvb inf downright: a flat out forgery[/ex] • Etymology: 1925–30 … From formal English to slang

flat out — INFORMAL ► as hard or as fast as possible: »Towards the end of the project the whole department was working flat out to meet the deadlines. Main Entry: ↑flat … Financial and business terms

flat out — If you work flat out, you work as hard and fast as you possibly can … The small dictionary of idiomes

flat out — ► flat out as fast or as hard as possible. Main Entry: ↑flat … English terms dictionary

flat-out — [adv] at top speed all out, all the way, at a good clip*, for all one’s worth*, full blast, head over heels*, in full gallop*, lickety split, the whole nine yards*, to the max, unrestrainedly, w >New thesaurus

flat-out — [flatout′] adj. Informal 1. at full speed, with maximum effort, etc. 2. absolute; thorough; definite … English World dictionary

flat out — adverb Date: 1932 1. in a blunt and direct manner ; openly 2. at top speed or peak performance 3. (usually flat out) absolutely, downright usually used as an… … New Collegiate Dictionary

flat out — 1. as fast as possible. The painters have been working flat out to get the job finished. She drives as though her car has only two speeds – flat out and stopped. 2. clearly and without confusion. The coach told me flat out, “You re too small.” I… … New idioms dictionary

flat out — 1. mod. totally. □ She was flat out mad as hell. □ We were all flat out disgusted. 2. mod. at top speed. □ They drove the thing flat out for an hour. □ If we run … Dictionary of American slang and colloquial expressions

Flat out (определение)
I 1) It was a flat out lie — Это была откровенная ложь.
2) We were all flat out after moving that piano(часть сказуемого) — Мы выдохлись, пока передвигали это пианино.
She was flat out after the shift — Она была как выжатый лимон после смены 3) We’re flat out at the office — Мы выкладываемся на работе будь здоров.
II 1) Tell him flat out what you think — Скажи ему напрямую, что ты думаешь He looked up and came at us flat out — Он поднял голову и пошел прямо на нас.
2) How fast will this car go flat out? — Какую максимальную скорость может развить эта машина?
They drove the thing flat out for an hour — Они в течение часа гнали машину на предельной скорости.
If we run flat out we can get there before dusk — Если мы будем гнать вовсю, то успеем добраться туда засветло.
3) They were working flat out — Они работали с предельным напряжением 4) She was flat out mad as hell — Она была зла как черт.
We were all flat out disgusted — Мы были возмущены до предела flat out.

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