Dead space 2 дополнительный контент

Кидаем SAVE в C:/Users/имя пользователя/Documents/EA Games/Dead Space 2

Это обновление этого SAVE Dead Space 2: Сохранения (Все открыто)

Почему в Dead Space 2 сразу уже открыто всё оружие, все костюмы и стоит 0 кредитов?

В общем купил недавно в Steam игру — Dead Space 2.
Играю в игру, дохожу до первого магазина и что я вижу — все костюмы,всё оружие уже открыто и стоит 0 кредитов.
Скажите как это исправить,а то весь интерес к игре пропал.

Why is Dead Space 2 once already open all the weapons and all the costumes is 0 credits?

In general, recently bought the game on Steam — Dead Space 2.
I play the game, get to a store and the first thing I see — all the costumes, all the weapons already open and is worth 0 credits.
Tell me how to fix it, and then the entire interest in the game was lost.

Downloadable content for Dead Space 2 included new RIGs, weapons and two extra chapters continuing the story of characters from Dead Space: Extraction.

Packs Edit

Hazard Pack Edit

  • Hazard Engineering Suit & matching Line Gun.
  • Shockpoint Advanced Suit & matching Ripper.
  • Triage Security Suit & matching Javelin Gun.

Martial Law Pack Edit

  • Bloody Vintage Suit & matching Flamethrower, Force Gun and Javelin Gun.
  • EarthGov Security Suit & matching Detonator, Pulse Rifle and Seeker Rifle.

Supernova Pack Edit

  • Agility Advanced Suit & matching Plasma Cutter, Rivet Gun and Pulse Rifle.
  • Forged Engineering Suit & matching Plasma Cutter, Line Gun and Ripper.
  • Heavy-Duty Vintage Suit & matching Contact Beam, Detonator and Line Gun.

Outbreak Map Pack Edit

The Outbreak Map Pack was a free add-on content for Dead Space 2, released on May 31st on Xbox Live and June 3rd on PSN. The map pack featured two new multiplayer maps, the Academy, a school setting and the Concourse, a shopping mall setting. [1]

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