Couldn t backup file

Need help. I have been editing a text file in vi , and i was able to save the changes before but now i am getting the above error whenever i am typing command to save the file. Please help .

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You can, as vi (or, more likely, vim ) is saying force a write by doing:

Alternatively, write the file to an alternative location:

To check where your backup files are being written (normally):

Try to touch a file in that directory and see if your Operating System gives you an error to enlighten you as to why your editor cannot write there.

/.vim/backups ) didn’t exist. I created it, and the error went away. – Sheharyar Jan 10 ’15 at 20:29

/.vim/ directory. – Cbhihe Mar 20 ’16 at 13:30

/.vimbackup are owned by root. Changing owner back to me solves the problems. sudo chown -R peng:peng

/.vim* – Peng Zhang Aug 2 ’16 at 3:40

/tmp and didn’t exist. Creating it solved the issue. – mike23 Jun 27 at 6:49

Had the same problem. It was because I installed vimconf as root. You need to change rights of files in

/.vim directory and change owner to your user.

) wasn’t writeable anymore. Not sure how that happened, I don’t remember chmodding anything. – Michele Dall’Agata Mar 21 ’18 at 10:08

I had this same problem. Turns out it was due to running out of disk space. try creating a file using Ex) touch test.txt . If you get a message saying touch: cannot touch test.txt: No space left on device you will need to clear up space on your disk

Had the same problem. Tried all options as above but it did not work. Then when I checked my disk space, it was full. Once I cleared some space then I was able to write back to file again.
P.S: This was in linux.

I’ve fixed this with:

where the "user" is your user-name.

from within vi, try:

:help w! gives the following information:

I don’t know what the cause was, but I moved by backupdir from . to

/.vim/backups in my .vimrc and it solved it for me:

I’d imagine some sort of tool was using the folder the file I was editing it in (Visual Studio 2013, in my case), but I’m not sure.

Another possibility is that you put your backups in a centralized location (e.g. /tmp) and you edited a particular file as root. Then, the backup file will be owned by root and un-writeable by you as a mere mortal later.

In this case, the suggestion above to touch /tmp/atestfile won’t show the problem! You’ll have write permissions, no problem, but not to the particular backup file vim is trying to write.

Remove the file as root (sudo rm).

Note that the reason w! works is because vim writes the file without writing a backup file (you’re insisting that it write despite the error).

I have downloaded the second episode of the “The Tyranny of King Washington-The Betrayal”, but when I try to install, It states that I need to update the Assassin’s Creed 3 to version 1.0.4. I have tried updating it but when I open the updater, an error message comes up showing that it couldn’t backup the file ‘C:Program FilesAssasin’s Creed 3Multi.forge’. Please help me out with this. I have tried all means but nothing worked. Please help me because I am a die-hard fan of AC series and desperately want to know the story in the DLC. Thank you in advance.

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Re: Getting an error “It couldn’t backup the file ‘C:Program FilesAssasin’s Creed 3Multi.forge’ in windows

It seems that the installation files in the disk cache are corrupt. Follow these steps to delete the problematic files and restart the installation.

  • Step 1-Open the updater and wait until it gives you the installation confirmation prompt. Do not install it.
  • Step 2 — Press + to open the “Run” dialogue box.
  • Step 3— Enter this in the text field without the quotes “C:Userscenter computer username>AppdataTemp”
  • Step 4— We’re looking for a folder that starts with “<9C. >”.
  • Step 5— Within it, Delete the folder “Multi” inside the “Disk1deltaFiles” Path.
  • Step 6— Now you may proceed with the installation process initiated in Step 1.

Community Manager

Re: Getting an error “It couldn’t backup the file ‘C:Program FilesAssasin’s Creed 3Multi.forge’ in windows

Its not a big problem,please go to the your window system desktop,

After this press the windows key +r button,

Then open the run option and type the »c:userscenter computer username>appdata emp»

Now you see the folder and open the folder and select the all files and remove your system,

After this restart your system and you use the normally,

I hope this information usefull to you,

Re: Getting an error “It couldn’t backup the file ‘C:Program FilesAssasin’s Creed 3Multi.forge’ in windows

Follow below Instructions:- the windows key + r button,

2.. open the run option,type the »c:userscenter computer username>appdata emp»

3.. look for a folder that starts with “<9C. >”

4.. Delete the folder “Multi” inside the “Disk1deltaFiles” Path.

Re: Getting an error “It couldn’t backup the file ‘C:Program FilesAssasin’s Creed 3Multi.forge’ in windows

mass media the actual house windows essential + 3rd r key,

available the actual function option,kind the actual»c:userscenter laptop or computer user name>appdata emp»

choose a directory that will commences with “9C. ”

Eliminate the actual directory “Multi” within the “Disk1deltaFiles” Path.

Re: Getting an error “It couldn’t backup the file ‘C:Program FilesAssasin’s Creed 3Multi.forge’ in windows

To solve this problem follow these steps

  • Open the updater and wait untill you see the confirmation prompt
  • Go to the start and click on it
  • Then type Run in the search and press enter
  • Now select the Run command
  • Then type C:UsersCenter computer username>AppdataTemp
  • Now locate the folder that starts with
  • Then choose the folder Multi inside the Disk1delta Files
  • Now you can start the installation process

na hora do jogo assassin’s creed 3 para pc iniciar ele automaticamente baixa o patch de atualização, só que na hora de instalar aparece o seguinte erro:

couldn’t backup file C:Programs FilesR.G MechanicsAssassin’s Creed IIImultiDataPC.forge to file C:Programs FilesR.G MechanicsAssassin’s Creed IIIPATCH_BACKUPmultiDataPC.forge.

Por quê esse erro está aparecendo e oq eu posso fazer?

É que eu queria instalar a dublagem que saiu ontem, mas ela só funciona na versão 1.02!

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