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Check IMEI number — Apple

IMEI number has 15 digits which will appear on the screen after dialing *#06# just like a phone number

After checking the IMEi number you will receive the following information from iPhone servers.

The data will include:
— network and country from which iPhone comes from
— purchase date of iPhone device
— system version for iPhone device
— warranty information for iPhone device

Not always all information are available, if you provide the IMEI number, you will receive all current data

For iPhone you will get info about activation lock status (Find My iPhone) and also blacklist status.

All information comes from a free public manufacturer database. All results are presented for educational purposes only.

Find my iPhone is a special type of service, that blocks your iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple Watch when it gets lost or stolen. The blockade is activated automaticly when you turn the Find my iPhone function on.

Are you buying a used iPhone or other Apple device? Check if FMI (Find my iPhone) blockade is turned on. Without previous owner’s login detils you won’t be able to use the device. All Apple products that have an IMEI number are supported.

Lost your password? Please enter your email address. You will receive a link to create a new password.

Generate IMEI check report

Create a permanent link to this IMEI check report. Click "Generate" button, then copy and paste the generated link to your listing on Ebay, Craigslist or anywhere else. This will attract more potential buyers and will help you to sell your device quicker. You are able to hide last digits of IMEI number as well.

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