Bloody palace devil may cry 4

The Bloody Palace is a game mode available in all Devil May Cry games except for the first. It is a single-elimination tournament that pits the player character against many groups of enemies and bosses, each on a lower floor, until they reach the end of the Palace.

Gameplay Edit

Devil May Cry 2 Edit

In Devil May Cry 2, Bloody Palace becomes available in Mission Select menu after clearing Normal difficulty with both Dante and Lucia. This additional mode was intended for the player to master their skills and abilities as well as gain a large sum of Red Orbs.

The goal is to kill all the enemies on levels 1–9999 – enclosed spaces, similar to Secret Rooms. After completing a level the player is presented with three portals to choose from; empty portal advances one level, portal with white magic circle – ten levels and portal with green magic circle – 100 levels. The enemy groupings are semi-random for each run through the palace, with levels ending with 0 spawning bosses. Enemies on levels 1–100 use Normal difficulty settings, on levels 101–1000 – Hard, level 1001 and higher – Must Die. Highest level – 9999, is repeated indefinitely, making the player fight nearly every boss in the game. This mode ends only with death of the player character.

After that the Results screen appears. It shows the highest level reached, time spent, enemies killed, and amount of Red Orbs obtained during BP run. The player is also presented with a bonus calculated as (highest level reached − 1) × 10 Red Orbs.

Unlike later versions, there is no in-game reward for completing the palace aside from the achievements.

Devil May Cry 3 Edit

The Bloody Palace was available in Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, but not in the original release. The palace has 9999 floors, and completing it with either character allows him to obtain his Super costume without completing the Very Hard game mode. After passing one level, the player is given 3 portals to choose; the water portal advances one level and grants a free Green Orb, the lightning portal advances ten levels and gives a free White Orb, and the fire portal advances 100 levels with no reward.

Devil May Cry 4 Edit

In Devil May Cry 4, there are only 101 floors, with bosses fought on every twenty floors, culminating with Dante on the 101 st floor. Unlike other incarnations of the palace, the enemy groupings are set, and the player can only travel one floor at a time. The player must also compete against a countdown timer. The player starts with 2 minutes and time bonuses are obtained by defeating the enemies, with more time being awarded by defeating them with higher stylish ranks. Completing a floor will also award additional time, with a bonus for clearing it without taking any damage.

If the player chooses to play as Dante, the Dante boss in the final floor will be completely black.

For Devil May Cry 4, the Bloody Palace can provide some interesting fights not available throughout the campaign, especially when you are playing as Dante. If playing as Dante, an all-black Dante will be fought on the 101 st floor; this is considered by some to be the Doppelganger’s cameo appearance in the game. Aside from the new black Dante boss fight, Bloody Palace allows the player to fight Angelo Agnus in his chambers, Bael, and Angelo Credo with Dante. Furthermore, it is only in Bloody Palace mode wherein the player can see the complete in-game animation of Angelo Credo’s death.

With the Special Editon, Bloody Palace remains the same, but now the player is able to choose to play as Vergil, Lady or Trish. It’s also possible to use any of the added costumes in Bloody Palace as well as combine them with the Super Costume only Nero, Dante and Vergil have. In order to enable that the player must first start Bloody Palace or any mission with the desired costume, quit the mission and then choose the Super Costume. The character will now have infinite Devil Trigger and all the "Super" properties while wearing the extra costume.

Time added per enemy and bonus Edit

The following information was taken from the Devil May Cry 4: Official Prima Gu >[1] :

Seconds Added
Alto Angelo +20
Assault +10
Basilisk +5
Bianco Angelo +10
Blitz +30
Chimera (value of host)
Chimera Seed +2
Cutlass +15
Faust +20
Frost +10
Gladius +2
Mega Scarecrow +15
Mephisto +10
Scarecrow +5
D rank bonus +1
C rank bonus +2
B rank bonus +3
No Damage Bonus, Stage 1-19 +30
No Damage Bonus, Stage 21+ +20

Enemy list per stage Edit

Stage 001 Scarecrow (Arm) (3)
Stage 002 Scarecrow (Leg) (4)
Stage 003 Scarecrow (Arm) (3), Scarecrow (Leg) (3)
Stage 004 Frost (2)
Stage 005 Bianco Angelo (2)
Stage 006 Mephisto (3)
Stage 007 Gladius (6)
Stage 008 Chimera Seed (9)
Stage 009 Chimera Seed (9), Scarecrow (Arm) (3)
Stage 010 Scarecrow (Arm) (6), Scarecrow (Leg) (6)
Stage 011 Assault (2)
Stage 012 Mega Scarecrow (2)
Stage 013 Assault (2), Bianco Angelo (2)
Stage 014 Faust
Stage 015 Bianco Angelo (2), Alto Angelo
Stage 016 Scarecrow (Arm) (3), Scarecrow (Leg) (3), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 017 Alto Angelo (2)
Stage 018 Blitz
Stage 019 Basilisk (4)
Stage 020 Berial
Stage 021 Mephisto (2), Frost
Stage 022 Frost (2), Faust
Stage 023 Frost (2), Assault (3)
Stage 024 Assault (3), Basilisk (4)
Stage 025 Assault (3), Blitz
Stage 026 Basilisk (4), Blitz
Stage 027 Bianco Angelo (2), Frost (2)
Stage 028 Gladius (8), Assault (2)
Stage 029 Gladius (6), Blitz
Stage 030 Frost (4), Assault (6), Blitz
Stage 031 Chimera Seed (7), Mephisto (3)
Stage 032 Scarecrow (Arm) (3), Faust
Stage 033 Mephisto (2), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 034 Mephisto (6)
Stage 035 Mephisto (3), Frost
Stage 036 Scarecrow (Leg) (2), Faust
Stage 037 Assault (3), Mephisto (2)
Stage 038 Mephisto (2), Blitz
Stage 039 Chimera Seed (9), Faust
Stage 040 Bael
Stage 041 (Difficulty changes to Son of Sparda) Chimera Seed (10)
Stage 042 Chimera Seed (4), Scarecrow (Leg) (2), Infested Scarecrow (3)
Stage 043 Infested Assault (4)
Stage 044 Chimera Seed (6), Gladius (6)
Stage 045 Infested Assaults (2), Blitz
Stage 046 Chimera Seeds (4), Basilisk (2)
Stage 047 Bianco Angelo (2), Alto Angelo, Chimera Seed (5)
Stage 048 Scarecrow (Leg), Chimera Seed (6)
Stage 049 Infested Assaults (3), Faust
Stage 050 Scarecrow (Arm) (3), Scarecrow (Leg)(3), Assault (6), Chimera Seed (15)
Stage 051 Scarecrow (Arm) (6)
Stage 052 Scarecrow (Leg) (3), Gladius (9)
Stage 053 Mega Scarecrow (3), Frost (2)
Stage 054 Scarecrow (Arm) (2), Scarecrow (Leg) (3), Alto Angelo
Stage 055 Mega Scarecrow, Faust
Stage 056 Alto Angelo (2), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 057 Scarecrow (Arm) (2), Scarecrow (Leg)(2), Mephisto (3)
Stage 058 Basilisk (5), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 059 Chimera Seed (4), Infested Scarecrow (2), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 060 Echidna
Stage 061 Bianco Angelo (4)
Stage 062 Bianco Angelo (3), Cutlass (2)
Stage 063 Bianco Angelo (2), Blitz
Stage 064 Bianco Angelo, Gladius (6)
Stage 065 Bianco Angelo (7), Alto Angelo
Stage 066 Alto Angelo, Basilisk (4)
Stage 067 Alto Angelo (2), Blitz
Stage 068 Bianco Angelo (2), Scarecrow (Arm) (6)
Stage 069 Frost (2), Alto Angelo
Stage 070 Alto Angelo (2), Bianco Angelo (7)
Stage 071 Gladius (17)
Stage 072 Gladius (10), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 073 Gladius (9), Frost
Stage 074 Basilisk (4), Cutlass (2)
Stage 075 Cutlass (3), Alto Angelo
Stage 076 Cutlass (4), Gladius (9)
Stage 077 Basilisk (10)
Stage 078 Basilisk (4), Frost (2)
Stage 079 Basilisk (2), Cutlass (2), Gladius (4)
Stage 080 Credo
Stage 081 (Difficulty changes to Dante Must Die & enemies will start to enter Devil Trigger) Scarecrow (Arm) (3), Scarecrow (Leg) (2), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 082 Mephisto (4), Frost
Stage 083 Frost (4)
Stage 084 Infested Scarecrow (2), Infested Assaults (2), Chimera Seed (12)
Stage 085 Blitz (2), Chimera Seed (3)
Stage 086 Alto Angelo, Bianco Angelo (2)
Stage 087 Gladius (9), Basilisk (4)
Stage 088 Cutlass (3), Bianco Angelo (2)
Stage 089 Mega Scarecrow (3), Blitz
Stage 090 Mega Scarecrow (3), Scarecrow (Arm) (14), Scarecrow (Leg)(14), Chimera Seed (3)
Stage 091 Faust (3)
Stage 092 Alto Angelo (3), Bianco Angelo (4)
Stage 093 Assault (8)
Stage 094 Infested Scarecrow (3), Chimera Seeds (6), Bianco Angelo (2)
Stage 095 Basilisk (4), Chimera Seeds (4)
Stage 096 Gladius (8), Cutlass (3), Bianco Angelo (3)
Stage 097 Mephisto (6), Mega Scarecrow (3)
Stage 098 Infested Scarecrow (2), Infested Assault (2), Chimera Seed (3)
Stage 099 Alto Angelo (2), Bianco Angelo (40)
Stage 100 Angelo Agnus
Stage 101 Dante

Devil May Cry 5 Edit

The Bloody Palace isn’t featured in the base game of Devil May Cry 5 through natural means, but must instead be downloaded as a free update. It was first announced in the game’s The Game Awards 2018 trailer, where it stated it would be available on April 2019. [2] On March 14, 2019, it was announced that the Bloody Palace would release on April 1st, 2019. [3]

In order to unlock the mode in the first place, the game must have been beaten at least once. [4] There are a total of 101 stages and they are again timed, similar to the Bloody Palace in Devil May Cry 4. After each stage, the player is awarded with Red Orbs and more time to complete the next floor. For Nero, "Rest Areas" are available which are stages that grant the player with multiple Devil Breakers instead of enemies.

A "Warm Up" feature is available in this iteration which allows the player to practice any floor they have cleared, making the mode a good way to battle bosses without needing to play an entire Mission. In additon, a "Suspend" option is also featured which lets the player save their current progress and leave the game. Once the "Continue" option is selected in the Main Menu, the player can then resume from where they left off. This Suspend option cannot be selected when an enemy is still present in the stage however.

Just like in Devil May Cry 4, the Bloody Palace allows for interactions not possible to be seen during the main Missions. For instance, a lot of bosses which are killed during the normal Missions do not show their full "dying" animations or specific voice line for when they die, and there are bosses which cannot be fought by either Dante, Nero or V. One special situation is the Vergil boss battle at the 101st floor when playing as V. When V finishes off Vergil without using Royal Fork, he has an unique animation and voice line where he states "You and I are one. ". In addition, Nero also has unique Buster animations for all bosses he cannot fight during main Missions.

Completing the Bloody Palace will unlock the "Special Provocation" move to the character that was used to complete it, this provocation animation is the same seen in the special cutscene that plays once Bloody Palace is completed. As V, this Special Provocation taunt actually makes his Cane deal more damage and not rebound off of enemies, which can be tested inside The Void. There are also trophies & achievements tied to the Bloody Palace, though they are slightly different depending on the platform being played on.

Using a Super Costume in the Bloody Palace will tank the end rank of the player and the "Scoreboard" in the menu will not save the final play time & extra time the player achieved during their run, however, both the Special Provocation move and trophies & achievements will still be unlocked even if the player was using a Super Costume.

PlayStation 3

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User Info: the_blood_wolf


How do I unlock Bloody Palace?
You must complete Devil Hunter mode and Bloody Palace will become available to select from the Mission Menu.

What is Bloody Palace?
Bloody Palace is a marathon time attack mode in which you battle through 101 floors to try and clear all of them. You can not use Items or save while doing this mode. You will need around three hours of free time in order to have a good shot at clearing it.

How much time do I have to try and clear it?
You are given two minutes (2:00:00) to clear all 101 floors.

Only two minutes. How the **** is that even possible?
You are given two minutes to start with, but you can earn more by defeating enemies and clearing floors. Depending on your style meter at the time of the kill on a enemy a percentage is added to their base amount, that follows this pattern.

Base Amount — XX.XX
DEADLY — +10% Base
CARNAGE — +20% Base
BRUTAL — +30% Base
ATOMIC — +40% Base
SMOKIN’ — +50% Base
SMOKIN’ STYLE — +75% Base

Below is a list of enemies and how many seconds they add to your remaining time when you defeat them.

Gladius, Chimera Seeds(*)
Base — 2.00
D — 2.12
C — 2.24
B — 2.36
A — 2.48
S — 3.00
SS — 3.30
SSS — 4.00

Scarecrow (Arm/Leg), Basilisk
Base — 5.00
D -5.30
C — 6.00
B — 6.30
A — 7.00
S — 7.30
SS — 8.45
SSS — 10.00

Frost, Assault, Mephisto, Bianco Angelo(**)
Base — 10.00
D — 11.00
C — 12.00
B — 13.00
A — 14.00
S — 15.00
SS — 17.30
SSS — 20.00

Mega Scarecrow, Cutlass
Base — 15.00
D — 16.30
C — 18.00
B — 19.30
A — 21.00
S — 22.30
SS — 26.15
SSS — 30.00

Alto Angelo, Faust
Base — 20.00
D — 22.00
C — 24.00
B — 26.00
A — 28.00
S — 30.00
SS — 35.00
SSS — 40.00

Base — 30.00
D — 33.00
C — 36.00
B — 39.00
A — 42.00
S — 45.00
SS — 52.30
SSS — 60.00

* — If you use Nero’s Buster attack to rip them apart you will get their base amount, regardless of style rank.
** — If an Alto Angelo uses them to kamikaze at you, you will get their base amount, regardless of style rank.
*** — If Blitz explodes by himself you will get his base amount regardless of style rank. You only get what the style rank was on at the time of the kill for Blitz. If you break his shield at Atomic, you will get Atomic seconds added on and not SSS like it shows since he was “technically” dead at Atomic.

Clearing a floor adds more seconds to your remaining time.
Floors 1 — 19 adds 15 seconds for clearing, and 30 if you received no damage on it.
Floors 21 — 39, 41 — 59, 61 — 79, and 81 — 99 adds 10 seconds for clearing, and 20 if you received no damage on it.
Floors 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100 are boss battle floors. When you enter that floor two minutes are added to your remaining time and 30 seconds if you clear it, 60 seconds if you took no damage.
Floor 101 adds five minutes to your remaining time when you enter it, 60 seconds for clearing it, and two minutes if you took no damage.

All in all, you need to get your style meter high, avo >

User Info: the_blood_wolf

1 — Scarecrow (Arm) 3
2 — Scarecrow (Leg) 4
3 — Scarecrow (Arm/Leg) 3/3
4 — Frosts 2
5 — Bianco Angelo 2
6 — Mephistos 3
7 — Gladius 6
8 — Chimera Seeds 9
9 — Chimera Seeds 9, Scarecrow (Arm) 3
10 — Scarecrow (Arm/Leg) 6/6
11 — Assault 2
12 — Mega Scarecrow 2
13 — Assault 2, Bianco Angelo 2
14 — Faust
15 — Bianco Angelo 2, Alto Angelo
16 — Scarecrow (Arm/Leg) 3/3, Mega Scarecrow
17 — Alto Angelo 2
18 — Blitz
19 — Basilisks 4
20 — Berial (Mission 16/19 Fight, No Houses)
21 — Mephistos 2, Frost
22 — Frost 2, Faust
23 — Frost 2, Assault 3
24 — Assaults 3, Basilisks 4
25 — Assaults 3, Blitz
26 — Basilisks 4, Blitz
27 — Bianco Angelo 2, Frost 2
28 — Gladius 8, Assaults 2
29 — Gladius 6, Blitz
30 — Frosts 4, Assaults 6, Blitz
31 — Chimera Seeds 7, Mephistos 3
32 — Scarecrow (Arm) 3, Faust
33 — Mephistos 2, Mega Scarecrow
34 — Mephistos 6
35 — Mephistos 3, Frost
36 — Scarecrow (Leg) 2, Faust
37 — Assaults 3, Mephistos 2
38 — Mephistos 2, Blitz
39 — Chimera Seeds 9, Faust
40 — Bael

Enemies Turn to Son of Sparda Movements and Difficulty
41 — Chimera Seeds 10
42 — Chimera Seeds 4, Scarecrow (Leg)2, Chimera-Scarecrow 3
43 — Chimera-Assault 4
44 — Chimera Seeds 6, Gladius 6
45 — Chimera-Assaults 2, Blitz
46 — Chimera Seeds 4, Basilisks 2
47 — Bianco Angelo 2, Alto Angelo, Chimera Seeds 5
48 — Scarecrow (Leg), Chimera Seeds 6
49 — Chimera-Assaults 3, Faust
50 — Scarecrow (Arm/Leg) 3/3, Assaults 6, Chimera Seeds 15
51 — Scarecrow (Arm) 6
52 — Scarecrow (Leg) 3, Gladius 9
53 — Mega Scarecrow 3, Frost 2
54 — Scarecrow (Arm/Leg) 2/3, Alto Angelo
55 — Mega Scarecrow, Faust
56 — Alto Angelo 2, Mega Scarecrow
57 — Scarecrow (Arm/Leg) 2/2, Mephistos 3
58 — Basilisks 5, Mega Scarecrow
59 — Chimera Seeds 4, Chimera-Scarecrow 2, Mega Scarecrow
60 — Echidna
61 — Bianco Angelo 4
62 — Bianco Angelo 3, Cutlass 2
63 — Bianco Angelo 2, Blitz
64 — Bianco Angelo, Gladius 6
65 — Bianco Angelo 7, Alto Angelo
66 — Alto Angelo, Basilisks 4
67 — Alto Angelo 2, Blitz
68 — Bianco Angelo 2, Scarecrow (Arm) 6
69 — Frost 2, Alto Angelo
70 — Alto Angelo 2, Bianco Angelo 7
71 — Gladius 17
72 — Gladius 10, Mega Scarecrow
73 — Gladius 9, Frost
74 — Basilisk 4, Cutlass 2
75 — Cutlass 3, Alto Angelo
76 — Cutlass 4, Gladius 9
77- Basilisk 10
78 — Basilisk 4, Frost 2
79 — Basilisk 2, Cutlass 2, Gladius 4
80 — Credo

Enemies Become Dante Must Die Difficulty and Devil Trigger!
81 — Scarecrow (Arm/Leg) 3/2, Mega Scarecrow
82 — Mephistos 4, Frost
83 — Frosts 4
84 — Chimera-Scarecrow 2, Chimera-Assaults 2, Chimera Seeds 12
85 — Blitz 2, Chimera Seeds 3
86 — Alto Angelo, Bianco Angelo 2
87 — Gladius 9, Basilisk 4
88 — Cutlass 3, Bianco Angelo 2
89 — Mega Scarecrow 3, Blitz
90 — Mega Scarecrow 3, Scarecrow (Arm/Leg) 14/14, Chimera Seeds 3
91 — Fausts 3
92 — Alto Angelo 3, Bianco Angelo 4
93 — Assault 8

94 — Chimera-Scarecrow 3, Chimera Seeds 6, Bianco Angelo 2
95 — Basilisk 4, Chimera Seeds 4
96 — Gladius 8, Cutlass 3, Bianco Angelo 3
97 — Mephistos, Mega Scarecrow 3
98 — Chimera-Scarecrow 2, Chimera-Assault 2, Chimera Seeds 3
99 — Alto Angelo 2, Bianco Angelo 40
100 — Angelo Agnus
101 — Dante

User Info: the_blood_wolf

Some Tips in dealing with Lesser Demons (These are for Nero)
Scarecrows — They have a tendency to attack when you don’t expect it, but are easily dealt with. Streak and Charge Shot level 3 to hit hordes of them for an easy time. If you are up against a horde of them run away and snatch them to grab a group of them to hit with Red Queen and repeat.

Assaults — These guys are fast and very mobile, so keeping them grouped together are helpful for killing all of them at once. EX3 Streak and Double Downs work great against them. Throwing in Charge Shot Level 3’s and activating Devil Trigger to break their shields is helpful for destroying their defenses and killing them before they can Devil Trigger.

Frost — These guys can get annoying due to the fact that they like to not get stunned and counter attack. Charge Shot level 3’s work great against them, and keeps one busy while you attack the other. EX3’s really are the best things to stun them. Using High Roller is good to keep them off their feet so they are unable to counter attack.

Basilisks — The best way to handle them when there’s more than one, is just attacking one, while keeping the camera off the others. Without them in view of the camera they don’t attack (This goes for any enemy).

Gladius — The only advantage these guys have are that they attack when you’re mid combo. Just dodge, or use Devil Trigger activation to avoid damage. You can Charge Shot level 3 to kill one instantly.

Blitz — Dodge him when he’s flying around and use Charge Shots till his shield is down, then Devil Trigger, Buster him, Streak right after the buster ends, Buster him again, Streak again, and then Buster him again, if you were charging a shot up fire that after the third buster and swing Red Queen awhile and when he is changing into his red form fire one more charge shot to kill him.

Bianco Angelos — Not much to say here. Just keep attacking them from behind. If you have the chance to not be attacked by the other then use buster.

Mega Scarecrows — Same as scarecrows pretty much. Just make sure to avoid their blade after killing one.

Mephistos — These guys are fairly easy. They’re only troubling when one attacks while you’re fighting the others. Their finger jab move is the easiest to predict, (They circle you, their eyes glow, and they then make a high pitched noise). They only take 3 snatches, and 1 buster to eliminate their cloak. Using Charge Shot’s also help destroy their cloak and cause a little damage in the process.

Fausts — They’re just a little tougher than a Mephisto. It takes longer to eliminate their cloak. Their attacks are just a little different from a Mephisto and harder to predict. Just keep an eye out for them to show their red fingers, that’s when they will be attacking. They will also surround you in what can pretty much be called summoned swords. It’s very easy to avo >

User Info: the_blood_wolf

Alto Angelos — Really, these guys are just a little tougher than a Bianco. It takes a little more to stun them, so be careful attacking their front while they’re preparing an attack. If they keep flying away, then just shoot them down with a Charge Shot, or use grim grip to get closer and attack them with Aerial Rave. When attacking them and they put up their shield Buster it, it should severely weaken their shield, after three Busters their shield should break leaving them wide open for attacks.

Cutlass — Just wait for one to launch out of the ground and drop it with a Charge Shot or lock-on when their swimming and fire a Charge Shot level 3 to knock them out of the ground. Either keep the other Cutlass out of view of the camera as best as you can, or just keep an eye on them so you’ll know when to dodge their launches out of the floor.

Chimera-Scarecrow and Assault — Just fight cautiously against the infected Scarecrow and Assault units. Charge Shot level 3 eliminates the blades from attacking once they come out. Maximum Bet is useful here for attacking them with needing to be close. It does a decent amount of damage and has a good range against multiple enemies.

Chimera Seeds — You can Snatch and Buster them to instantly kill them or just attack normally.

I don’t list bosses because you need to find your own way of dealing with them, since there are a lot of things you can do to fight one and you should get your own style and tactics for them by using what you read in other posts and fighting them yourself.

I would recommend using Nero first to complete Bloody Palace for two reasons:
1) He has the perfect training spots. (Mission 19 for bosses)
2) The Devil Bringer can kill some enemies easily. (Blitz, Gladius, Chimera Seeds)

I would like to thank Shinso_Shikai for giving me his enemy notes so I wouldn’t have to do that much more work.

Lastly butterfly_2689 for helping me double check the enemy floor by floor count and making sure they were accurate.


Для запуска требуется Steam-версия игры DmC: Devil May Cry.

Комплекты, содержащие эту игру

Включенные товары (5): DmC Devil May Cry: Bloody Palace Mode, DmC Devil May Cry: Costume Pack, DmC Devil May Cry: Vergil’s Downfall, DmC Devil May Cry: Weapon Bundle, DmC: Devil May Cry

Информация о дополнении

No Devil May Cry is complete without Bloody Palace Mode! Take on wave after wave of increasingly difficult enemies and hone your skills as the ultimate demon hunter.

Системные требования


  • Поддерживаемые ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7 и 8
  • Процессор: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo с тактовой частотой 2,4 ГГц или лучше, AMD Athlon(TM) X2 с тактовой частотой 2,8 ГГц или лучше
  • Оперативная память: 2 ГБ
  • Видеокарта: NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) 8800GTS или лучше, ATI Radeon(TM) HD 3850 или лучше
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Жесткий диск: 9 ГБ свободного места
  • Звуковая карта: любая


  • Поддерживаемые ОС: Windows XP, Vista, 7 и 8
  • Процессор: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad с тактовой частотой 2,7 ГГц или лучше, AMD Phenom(TM)II X4 с тактовой частотой 3 ГГц или лучше
  • Оперативная память: 4 ГБ
  • Видеокарта: ATI Radeon(TM) HD 6950 или лучше
  • DirectX®: 9.0c
  • Жесткий диск: 9 ГБ свободного места
  • Звуковая карта: любая


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