Asus manager backup recovery

от версии системы. Для Windows 7, пожалуйста, используйте AI Recovery Для Windows 8/8.1, пожалуйста, используйте Backtracker Utility Для

Возможности Нажмите на Backup & Recovery для сброса настроек. Убедитесь, что вы копировали все важные данные перед тем как сделать сброс.

Перед восстановлением системы подключите ноутбук к блоку питания. Пожалуйста, следуйте инструкции ниже: Вставьте DVD восстановления в оптический привод. Включите Ваш ноутбук. Перезагрузите ноутбук и при загрузке нажмите , выберите оптический привод (может быть помечен как “CD/DVD”) и нажмите для загрузки с DVD диска восстановления. Выберите OK для запуска процесса восстановления. Выберите OK для подтверждения восстановления системы. Следуйте инструкциям на экране для завершения установки. Примечание: Процесс восстановления удалит все данные на жестком диске.Перед выполнением восстановления системы, убедитесь, что все важные данные сохранены на внешних носителях.

ASUS AI Recovery Burner — утилита для записи резервной копии скрытого раздела. Запись производится на нескольких dvd дисках (3 диска минимум). Применим

;ESC’ , найдите вкладку ‘Advanced startup’ для Windows 10 ‘ Recovery Options’ (аналогичная настройка описана в FAQ ниже для Win8.1)&nb

nbsp; Выберите Advanced options Затем будет доступен recovery mode Нажмите “Enter”, и вы увидите root@steamos:

ные и файлы на новый аккаунт. Восстановите ПК Если ничего из вышеуказанного не помогло, произведите восстановление системы Windows 10 recovery options

учили Windows 10. Обновленная система с windows 8.1 на ПК с партицией ASUS recovery, например, будет отображать эту опцию. Аккаунты, файлы, настройки, ASUS п

истеме, Вы можете попробовать восстановиться из среды "WINRE (Windows Recovery Environment mode). Следуйте, пожалуйста, инструкции. Кликните на &

October 12, 2018

Asus One Key System Recovery reset computer to factory default settings through Asus recovery partition.

AOMEI Backupper

An easy-to-use and versatile tool offers data backup, files sync, disaster recovery, and disk clone solutions.

Key Features

Files Backup

Backup specified files to local disks, external drives or NAS/network share.

System Backup

Create a system image to protect Windows, settings, apps and boot files.

Disk Backup

Backup internal disks, external drives, USB flash drives and other storage devices.

Schedule Backup

Set & forget. Create a schedule to backup data automatically.

Incremental Backup

Only backup changed and/or new added data to save time and disk space.

AOMEI Freeware

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What Is Asus One-Key System Recovery?

Like Lenovo OneKey Recovery, Asus One-key System Recovery is a built-in program in Asus computer for system backup and restore. It is a rebuild utility available through a recovery partition, part of which will be used for restoring from a USB key or from the recovery CD/DVD for those which do not have a recovery partition. Recovery CD/DVD is able to be purchased.

How to Do Asus System Recovery

Disable Boot Booster

Before Asus recovery system, disable boot booster first for the Boost Booster option will remove the bios screen of the computer at startup and this option is enabled by default on the purchase.

1. Turn on your machine and press the F2 key before logging into current operating system, until you reach the Setup Utility, which allows access to the bios options, including Boost Booster.

2. Using the arrow keys, move to the Boot tab, then click the Boot Booster option. Press the Enter key, then turn the option to Disabled.

3. Go to the last tab, Exit and save changes.

Asus One Key System Recovery

1. Power on the computer and press F9 until you see a loading screen.

2. A message will warn about data loss and ask if you want to perform the operation.

3. Click “Recovery” to start restoration.

4. When it finishes, it will restart and make configurations.

5. Then start again, and you will be required to do Windows settings, just the same as the first boot after buying the computer.

Asus One Key Refresh Alternative

From above, you can see that system recovery Asus can be complete by self-contained tool. However, in some situations, you need to find a replacement for recovery system Asus.

  • There is no Asus recovery partition or Asus recovery usb/cd/dvd.
  • The recovery partition or recovery usb/cd/dvd is damaged.
  • Purchase a recovery cd/dvd costs money.
  • Find Asus one key system recovery difficult to operate.
  • Just want to try another system recovery software.

As far as I know, there is only AOMEI OneKey Recovery which can be on a pair with Asus Onekey Reset Oh, no! It is more advanced than onekey recovery in Asus.

Besides Asus, it still can be used on Lenovo, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Acer, Sony, Samsung, etc.

  • Supports backup system and save image to multiple locations.
  • Supports to restore system to original and other locations.
  • Easier to use.

Download to make Asus one key system recovery easy!

(144.73 MB) Safe & Secure

ASUS Manager 2.08.04 (Win8 64-bit) LATEST

Windows 8 (64-bit)

ASUS Manager Update 2019 full offline installer setup for PC 32bit/64bit

ASUS Manager Update is a bundled software with ASUS desktop consumer PC & All-In-One PC. ASUS Manager combines all the functions together and makes the access of ASUS applications much easier. There are two interface for your choices and you also can set-up the hot-keys for some functions. User may also press hot key to pop out Ai charger II or Power manager anytime! Ai Charger II is a device that makes users to charge their mobile devices faster and can still charge your mobile devices even when your PC/AIO is powered-off.

Manager Safety is a short-cut that calls Windows built-in Family Safety function. It can protect your children from visiting unsuitable website or playing too much video games. Ai Booting function can support users to reboot the system by selecting the boot device from boot menu conveniently. Users could make sequence of rebooting method with this function to select HDD, DVD ROM, or USB drive and reboot AIO/PC. SyncUP can allow users to upload their file from mobile devices to their AIO/DT. It also allows users to recover their back up file and synup it from AIO/DT to mobile device. The program is an utility that allows you to save, manage and update the motherboard BIOS in Windows environment.

PC clean up is a software to let users easily delete their temporary internet files, internet history, passwords, cookies, form date, and download history. You can delete below any options which you choose. You could right click on any file, folder, or recycle bin and click ASUS Secure Delete to remove any of them you choose. To select the Recovery option and press apply button will restore users’ AIO/PC Windows system. It will start up from an external device or disc (such as a USB drive or DVD), and also change PC’s firmware and windows startup settings. ASUS Manager for PC also provide user to create a recovery point to restore system and backup the data anytime by using this function.

Rules for Safe BIOS update:

  • For safety reasons, always use the most updated BIOS utility!
  • Do not overclock the system/CPU during BIOS update!
  • Load "Setup Default" in BIOS menu before BIOS Update.
  • Make sure you have "Administrator" privilege on your Windows system (WinNT4/2000/XP).
  • Close all application programs under Windows.
  • Disable any existing Anti-Virus applications in the system.
  • Reboot the PC after the BIOS update is complete.
  • Switch on the PC and load "Setup Default" in BIOS again.

Note: If you cannot find ASUS Manager or ASUS Business Manager from ASUS website, it means this model may not support this software.

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